Alice Edwards

Alice Edwards is passionate about financial literacy, strategic living, and increasing the average happiness quotient. Her background includes a focus on working with tech, startup, internet and e-commerce companies including a celebrity social media company and customer-based website with over 4 million members. Her management benchmarks include building a scalable financial and operational management systems to scale a start-up from first month earning revenue to seven-figure monthly revenue in less than 2 years.

Ms. Edwards' educational background includes an Associates Arts Degree in Fashion Design, a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration, and a Masters in Business Administration. Her education demonstrates the blend of creativity and business acumen that she brings to the teams she works with. Alice has developed a flair for building teams and creating a positive energy throughout the workplace and helping get the best out of her co-workers and an ability to interface with everyone from programmers and IT staff to bookkeepers and CPAs.